Fans, air conditioners available
News · May 18, 2017

Applications will be taken at Community Action of Eastern Iowa starting on May 15 for fans and air conditioners.
To receive a small window air conditioner, you must meet income guidelines, and have a household member over 60 years old or have a doctor’s note that details why air conditioning is necessary. For more information, visit

Box fans are available to households that meet income guidelines. When applying, applicants are required to bring proof of income for all household members for either the past 90 days or 2016 federal income tax return for all members of the household.

Eligibility for the program is based upon federally established income guidelines.

Income maximums

Household 3-month Annual

size Gross Income Gross Income

1 $3,712 $14,850

2 $5,006 $20,025

3 $6,300 $25,200

4 $7,593 $30,375

5 $8,887 $35,550

6 $10,181 $40,725

7 $11,478 $45,912

8 $12,778 $51,112

* For households with more than eight members, add $1,300 / $5,200 for each additional member.

For more information or to apply, contact Community Action of Eastern Iowa, 101 Lynn, St, Tipton or call 563-886-3191 or toll free 800-920-3191. Appointments are taken on Wednesdays. On other days, no appointment is needed. We also have a West Branch office.

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