JV football beats Falcons, 14-6
Sports · September 07, 2017

West Branch High Schools freshman and sophomore football players beat West Burlington-Notre Dame-Danville 14-6 on Sept. 1 at West Burlington.

The Class 1A Bears scored touchdowns in the first and third quarters, while the Class 3A home team scored only in the first period.

“We had great leadership from guys like our sophomore captains, Trey Eagle and Dakota Kaalberg. Trey primed the offense and seemed comfortable throwing and running. Dakota battled for every yard for 87 yards rushing and well over 100 yards total while leading the defense in tackles. Those stats don’t even begin to show what he provides to the team as a leader,” Coach Matt Hills said.

West Branch racked up 220 total yards, with 119 on the ground and 101 in the air. Trey Eagle threw a 28-yard pass to Davin Camacho for the first score and Eagle ran for 18 yards for the second. Cael Fiderlein kicked in both extra points.

“West Burlington scored on their first drive, and then our defense adjusted and played to their ability. We held them to under 100 yards rushing, and under 100 yards passing. Much of that was earned on the final series during a prevent defense, allowing the final seconds to expire,” the coach said.

Eagle three eight passes for 101 yards and rushed for 31 yards. Dakota Kaalberg ran 20 times for 84 yards and caught two passes for 18 yards. Gavin Hierseman ran twice for seven yards. John Yates caught two passes for 35 yards; Kristian Nalan caught three passes for 20 yards.

Emery Hazelwood led the team with 10 tackles, followed by nine each by Dakota Kaalberg and Davin Camacho. Jack Robertson had seven tackles. Matt Paulsen had 5; Cael Fiderlein, Simon Palmer, Sam Marcy, Kristian Nalan, Matt Rummelhart and Wade Holmes each had three; Gavin Hierseman had two; Joe Seydel had 1.

The win comes after a loss to Class 2A West Liberty.

“We learn from failure. Last week was not indicative of our team. Practice was focused, and we saw what this team is capable of producing against a 3A opponent. That is attributed to Coaches Braddock, Finnegan, Kabela, and Cornwell as well as the team being determined,” Hills said.

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