Soccer team, firefighters and Lions clean ditches
News · October 12, 2017

On Sunday, 22 West Branch residents spent 2 1/2 hours walking and cleaning 3.7 miles of roadside ditches, picking up trash and recyclables between West Branch High School and Sharpless Auctions during “ideal weather conditions” according to Lions Club member Greg Humrichouse.

The semi-annual Lions Club project used the help of 13 West Branch United soccer players, parents and coaches as well as several West Branch firefighters along with nine Lions.

Participants included Jen Thomas, Teague Thomas, Jade Gongora, Jose Gongora, Ben Palmer, Simon Palmer, Oliver Palmer, Jon Hinkhouse, Luis Hinkhouse, Elliot Hinkhouse, Dick Hinkhouse, Ted Miller, Peyton Miller, Jaxson Kaalberg, Mike Quinlan, Stan Hack, Tony Warren, Nancy Warren, Kent Kaufman, Andy Corr, Jim Baker and Greg Humrichouse.

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