Methodist church turning 50
News · November 30, 2017

West Branch United Methodist Church can record its beginnings way back to 1864, and though its current building is less than a third that age, the members want to take time to mark 50 years in the same building.

The church will host a celebration of the 1967 structure during the 9 a.m. worship service on Sunday, Dec. 10.

“(We) want to recognized those who have been involved over those 50 years,” read information from the church.

The church will host a time for refreshments and fellowship at 10 a.m. in the fellowship hall. Information from the church reminds participants that one of the changes to the building was rather recent: A new elevator “for easy access to the sanctuary and basement level.”

The church met temporarily at St. Bernadette’s Catholic Church while the new church was built on the same location as the previous building. Sunday school services were held at “various locations about town.”

Pastors from the past 50 years include: Rev. Charles Haigh, Rev. Roger Tappmeyer, Rev. Max Paige, Rev. Sam Hahn, Rev. Sang Ro, Rev. Richard Paulus, Rev. Scot Patrick and Rev. Alexis Williams Johnson.

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