BREAKING: Active shooter arrested along I-80
News · January 12, 2018

A lone shooter fired at vehicles along Interstate 80 yesterday afternoon, according to a press release from the City of West Branch; police have arrested a suspect.
No injuries were reported, according to the two-paragraph e-mail sent by City Administrator Redmond Jones II, who relayed information from West Branch Police Department Sgt. Kory Hanna.

During the incident, one school bus route was diverted as a precaution, according to an e-mail from West Branch Community School Superintendent Kevin Hatfield.

Jones said the WBPD assisted the Iowa State Patrol in an "active shooter" incident "in and around the West Branch (interstate) 80" area.

The incident took place near the Atalissa rest stop.

"During the search for the suspect(s) our department assisted in stopping a suspect who was cleared due to real time reports of the shooter taking shoots at vehicles / travelers on interstate 80," Jones wrote. "An arrest was made by the Highway Patrol with no injuries reported by the public or law enforcement. At this time all reports indicate that it was a lone gunman, and that the situation has been totally neutralized."

Hatfield commended the city for its actions.

"Our sincere thanks to our outstanding police department and all of the law enforcement people involved," he wrote. "Hoping everyone is safe! Thanks for informing our school district of the incident in advance of a bus route that travels near the area! We were able to divert the route."

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