Editorial: Sacrificing after a storm
Opinions/Editorials · September 14, 2017
How will America respond to the hurricanes? History shows they will give quickly, gladly and generously.

Letter: Cost to voters differs if I own more property
Opinions/Editorials · September 14, 2017
As I write this it is Sunday night and nobody knows how the school referendum will turn out but the one thing the West Branch School District referendum highlights is why there is a need for changes to the voting process as it now stands.

Letter: How about Trump pardon those ‘illegals’?
Opinions/Editorials · September 14, 2017
President Obama’s DACA executive order protecting young aliens within our land was as much about ending the crushing of lives by the prejudicial disregard of some white supremacists as was Abe Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation executive order that freed people “legally” held as slaves in the states that had rebelled with the stated intent of their Confederate Constitution that plantation masters could keep humans that they owned as property held down in bondage and collaterally scorn others as white trash.

Letter: Stay involved, whether you voted yes or no
Opinions/Editorials · September 14, 2017
By the time you read this letter, the votes will be counted. One side will be licking their wounds and the other celebrating their victory.

Editorial: Preserving ideals in bronze
Opinions/Editorials · September 07, 2017
It is not enough to simply thank Connie Laughlin for spearheading the effort that raised the money to put a statue of President Herbert Hoover in front of the elementary school that bears his name.

Meetings set to explain public union recertification
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · September 07, 2017
Iowa had a bipartisan collective bargaining law that worked well for more than 40 years. Originally passed to stop strikes, it ensured Iowans, employees and public employers collaborated on mutually agreeable solutions in the workplace.

Letter: $19.8M bond mostly fixes small problems
Opinions/Editorials · August 31, 2017
This bond proposal is being billed as an “investment” in education by school officials and supporters.

Letter: Auditorium with 700 seats quite justified
Opinions/Editorials · August 31, 2017
We are fortunate to have such remarkable music programs in our West Branch schools, with committed educators who bring out our students’ amazing talent.

Letter: Bond vote gets City Council’s endorsement
Opinions/Editorials · August 31, 2017
We are writing in wholehearted support of the West Branch Community School District bond referendum, and urge community members to vote “yes” on the measure at the polls Sept. 12th.

Letter: Consider what school vote will mean to pupils
Opinions/Editorials · August 31, 2017
On September 12, our community of West Branch School District residents will have an opportunity to make a decision.

Letter: Magnet school operating fine in old building
Opinions/Editorials · August 31, 2017
I recently had the opportunity to visit the school where my daughter teaches in Cedar Rapids.

Letter: Voting station at school event seems unfair
Opinions/Editorials · August 31, 2017
When it has never been easier for anybody to vote, why does the West Branch School Board hold satellite voting events?

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