Editorial: So young, yet so powerful
Opinions/Editorials · January 04, 2018
With the last batch of high school football honors coming in December, we finally can take time to recognize the accomplishments of a young Class 1A West Branch Bears team and what it accomplished in the 2017 season: A lot.

Minds and Matter: 2018: What we’re doing well, where we need improvement
Opinions/Editorials · January 04, 2018
Happy New Year!
As we enter into the second semester of the school year, it is encouraging to see the progress the West Branch Community School District is making on important initiatives.

Letter: Free to be wrong in own special way
Opinions/Editorials · January 04, 2018
A group of students at the University of Iowa, titled Business Leaders in Christ, has sought to establish a sanctioned relationship within the university to promote the group’s particular religious convictions.

Editorial: Challenges and rewards
Opinions/Editorials · December 21, 2017
The past year in West Branch brought its own set of tensions to our area, even if we try to ignore all the strains between the other ingredients in our American Melting Pot.

Uncommon Words: Mission fulfilled in 2017 with statue, Hoover-Ball and more
by Jerry Fleagle, Hoover Presidential Found · Opinions/Editorials · December 21, 2017
So here we are at the end of another year – and what a year it was!

Letter: Abominable gift, especially at Christmas
Opinions/Editorials · December 21, 2017
Christmas is the time for giving. Our humanity is enhanced as we give gifts to those we love, and to strangers.

Editorial: Launched into Christmas
Opinions/Editorials · December 14, 2017
What can we say to fully express our gratitude and congratulations to the organizers of yet another marvelous Christmas Past celebration?

Soapbox Philosophy: It’s easy to cheer when you know the wrestlers
by Gregory R. Norfleet · Opinions/Editorials · December 14, 2017
There’s nothing like sitting matside during wrestling meets, taking pictures and notes while your legs fall asleep.
I’d rather get up and cheer.

Editorial: “Uncontested?” Vote anyway
Opinions/Editorials · December 07, 2017
The recent West Branch City Council election proved an eye-opener with a last-minute campaign that almost proved fruitful largely with the help of social media.

Letter: Give more value to Christ this Christmas
Opinions/Editorials · December 07, 2017
As Christmas approaches, let us give more value to the message that Christ gave us, than to the “birthday party.”

Editorial: Soak in the tree display
Opinions/Editorials · November 30, 2017
The minds of the Herbert Hoover Library-Museum staff used imagination to spark imagination with this year’s Tales of the Sea-themed Christmas tree exhibit.

Editorial: Would Vegas take pilgrim odds?
Opinions/Editorials · November 23, 2017
Back in October, Doug and Kristine Klein invited one of our reporters to their home to learn about a Jewish tradition they practice to further appreciate a metaphysical and omnipotent being.

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