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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Editorial: Big picture, or still looking
Opinions/Editorials · April 17, 2014
Regardless of the religious beliefs with which you associate, the Easter story is a powerful message that goes well beyond the belief that we are all imperfect and must strive to improve ourselves every day.

Your Capitol Voice: Coming up with the ‘big number’
by Bobby Kaufmann, State Representative · Opinions/Editorials · April 17, 2014
This week I want to give you a “behind the scenes” look at the process that determines how much of your money the state spends.

Senate Update: Downsides to paychecks on debit cards prompt action
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · April 17, 2014
As companies work to modernize their operations, many turn to outside services to handle their payroll and human resources functions.

Letter: Paul Ryan wants to double down on failure
Opinions/Editorials · April 17, 2014
Should we be surprised that a political party which rejects scientific evidence, ignores the lessons of history, and shows disdain for democracy does not understand the basic economic law of supply and demand?

Letter: Stormwater fee shares responsibility, benefit
Opinions/Editorials · April 17, 2014
Many of you may be aware the City Council is considering a new fee for stormwater in West Branch.

Letter: When is a farmer not a farmer? To P&Z board
Opinions/Editorials · April 17, 2014
It is time local food producers were treated as what they are: farmers.

Editorial: Highlights in the season
Opinions/Editorials · April 10, 2014
Of course one of the signs of a good team is how long they continue to play after the regular season draws to a close.

Guest column: Rec center offers positive impacts on body and mind
by Cassidy White, Grinnell College senior · Opinions/Editorials · April 10, 2014
The Center for Disease Control estimates that one in every three Americans is obese, with medical expenditures for obesity amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

Guest column: West Branch offers quality preschool options
by Jess Burger, Hoover Elementary principal · Opinions/Editorials · April 10, 2014
West Branch Community Schools participates in the Statewide Voluntary Preschool initiative that provides quality educational opportunities for four-year-old students in the community.

Senate Update: Funding will tackle distracted driving
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · April 10, 2014
The Iowa Senate started Distracted Driving Awareness Month on April 1 by setting aside $200,000 to educate Iowans about the dangers of distracted driving.

Your Capitol Voice: Hush-money practices must end
by Bobby Kaufmann, State Representative · Opinions/Editorials · April 10, 2014
Session is officially in the stages of closing down. I think my prediction of a pre-Easter adjournment is still possible.

Editorial: Future of WBCSD tech
Opinions/Editorials · April 03, 2014
What should West Branch Community Schools do next with technology?

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