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Saturday, October 10, 2015
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Editorial: The weight of an oath
Opinions/Editorials · October 08, 2015
For several years, between 50 and 70 immigrants have come to the Hoover Complex in West Branch in September to raise their hands and promise to do a list of things that the United States deems the absolute minimum anyone should do if they wish to claim themselves a citizen.

Invoke: Readers: Stricter gun laws will not lessen mass shootings
Opinions/Editorials · October 08, 2015
After the shooting in Oregon last week, we asked readers on Twitter and Facebook: “Should America eliminate gun-free zones so law-abiding can protect themselves? Or do stricter gun laws help?”

Editorial: Here’s to another 150 years
Opinions/Editorials · October 01, 2015
Congratulations to Downey Baptist Church on reaching 150 years of existence despite all the challenges that could possibly face any group trying to survive for so long.

Soapbox Philosophy: Survive, and always keep a press going
by Gregory R. Norfleet · Opinions/Editorials · October 01, 2015
There’s stopping the press, then there’s stopping the press.

Uncommon Words: Celebration banquet doubles as Foundation’s ‘Academy Awards’
Opinions/Editorials · October 01, 2015
On Friday, Oct. 23, the Hoover Presidential Foundation will host our annual Celebration Banquet, our largest fundraising event of the year.

Editorial: TIF and Acciona’s lawsuit
Opinions/Editorials · September 24, 2015
The federal judge’s rulings on the lawsuit by Acciona Windpower against the City of West Branch may favor the city in an immediate financial sense, but it leaves a gray area for the City Council when considering similar Tax-Increment Financing incentives.

Senate Update: We want clean energy jobs
Opinions/Editorials · September 24, 2015
Iowa is a leader in clean energy.

Letter: Constitutional rights lost to gay agenda
Opinions/Editorials · September 24, 2015
Who will be the next Kim Davis?

Letter: Young see higher ed and say ‘Why not?’
Opinions/Editorials · September 24, 2015
There is something about education that Terry Branstad, his brand of Republicans and the manipulators that fouled the process for selecting a new University of Iowa president do not like; it is that young people can think and question in the same manner as did a young John F. Kennedy, quoting George Bernard Shaw, that in his time said “Some men see things as they are and say “Why?’; I dream things that never were and say, ‘Why not?’”

Editorial: Fortifying against bullies
Opinions/Editorials · September 17, 2015
The Sept. 5 meeting to establish an anti-bullying group in West Branch provided a lot of practical, helpful information for families with children struggling with bullies, even though this meeting only touched on the highlights of the subject.

Invoke: How would you resolve religious liberty v. the right to marry?
Opinions/Editorials · September 17, 2015
We posted a question on Twitter and Facebook: In regards to Kim Davis: How would you resolve religious liberty v. the right to marry?

Letter: We should help house the war refugees
Opinions/Editorials · September 17, 2015
I assume that you most likely are as troubled as I am as you view the tragic photos of refugees streaming out of war-torn areas of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Eritrea, Congo, etc.

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