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Friday, July 29, 2016
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Editorial: Support for Cedars Edge
Opinions/Editorials · July 28, 2016
The housing development planned for Cedars Edge Golf Course’s western edge brings refreshing news for that section of town, and we hope the City Council agrees that the unique circumstances deserve extra help with building infrastructure not normally given to developers.

Minds and Matter: WB schools an educational leader? Let us count the ways
by Kevin Hatfield, School Superintendent · Opinions/Editorials · July 28, 2016
The Board of Education, administrative team and our entire staff is excited to get the 2016 – 2007 school year started.

Letter: Cruz is right: Vote your conscience
Opinions/Editorials · July 28, 2016
What comes of these political conventions?

Editorial: Construction and summer travel
Opinions/Editorials · July 21, 2016
Just a quick heads-up on all the construction going on around West Branch: Please be patient.

Guest column: SRO mostly to get to know our pupils
by Mike Colbert, School Board President · Opinions/Editorials · July 21, 2016
West Branch schools will have a new School Resource Officer (SRO) beginning this fall!

Letter: Credit Library for outstanding ‘Misbehavin’
Opinions/Editorials · July 21, 2016
All of us on the Hoover Campus are proud of the Prohibition Exhibit, “Ain’t Misbehavin?

Letter: Hillary, Trump: Winner gives us all regrets
Opinions/Editorials · July 21, 2016
Et tu, fellow countrymen:
A recently published Associated Press-GfK poll conducted July 7-11 has reported what masses of Americans already know:

Letter: Perhaps its time to renew group to replant trees
Opinions/Editorials · July 21, 2016
“An Old Yeller moment …” — Words my husband uttered as we witnessed the removal of one mature sugar maple tree from each side of our driveway on Sixth Street last week.

Letter: Running for county board to say ‘Enough’
Opinions/Editorials · July 21, 2016
Good Germans. Only following orders.

Editorial: Not a time for irresponsible talk
Opinions/Editorials · July 14, 2016
The violence in the nation this past week regarding tensions between police, the Black Lives Matter movement and citizens trouble us quite a bit, but we cannot allow ourselves to talk or act rashly while others yell and scream for knee-jerk action.

Letter: 10 people died and gun rights being attacked
Opinions/Editorials · July 14, 2016
Five officers were killed in Dallas. This weekend five people were killed in a car accident near Ladora, Iowa. Four were very young children. Both incidents are truly horrific but in both cases five people died.

Letter: Guess that depends on your definition
Opinions/Editorials · July 14, 2016
Make America great!

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