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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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Editorial: Grads: Of all things to remember ...
Opinions/Editorials · May 21, 2015
For our 2015 graduates, we would strongly encourage you: With great humility and gratitude, do not forget who helped you get where you are today.

Uncommon Words: Belgian Village tells Hoover’s humanitarian story from WWI
by Jerry Fleagle, Hoover Association · Opinions/Editorials · May 21, 2015
Last month I wrote about the Savoy Hotel and how it became the starting point for Herbert Hoover’s entry into a life of public service.

Minds and Matter: From orientation to graduation: Celebrating the Class of 2015
by Kevin Hatfield, School Superintendent · Opinions/Editorials · May 21, 2015
As Superintendent of Schools, I am grateful for the passion, commitment, volunteerism and support the community of West Branch provides our students and our district.

Editorial: Bear Stampede makes its mark
Opinions/Editorials · May 14, 2015
In just six short years, the West Branch Parent-Teacher Organization’s Bear Stampede went from a straightforward 5K to a much-involved four-race event. The Bear Stampede managed to wedge itself into local culture while drawing runners from all over eastern Iowa and even Illinois.

Guest Column: Just a pretty decoration for national holidays? U.S flag is so much more
by Summer Saylor, Fifth Grade · Opinions/Editorials · May 14, 2015
Editor’s note: Hoover Elementary fifth-grader Summer Rose Walsh Saylor on April 28 earned first place in the West Branch American Legion Flag Essay. Here is that essay:

Your Capitol Voice: Slowly, two sides working on budget
Opinions/Editorials · May 14, 2015
Another week has come and gone with no adjournment. On the positive side there has been incremental progress.

Letter: Another large sucking sound with U.S. jobs
Opinions/Editorials · May 14, 2015
Mr. President Obama, about a trade deal that is to open markets for American produced goods:

Letter: Science still remembers our ‘Mother Earth’
Opinions/Editorials · May 14, 2015
As I write this on a stormy Mother’s Day in Iowa, California is in the midst of a historic drought threatening our nation’s food supply and the lives of tens of millions of people.

To Moms who make life better ...
Opinions/Editorials · May 07, 2015
Here’s to the mothers, old and young, of West Branch who help make this community a better place to live if by nothing other than supporting their families and helping children become happy and productive people.

Senate Update: Senate marks 50 years of community colleges
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · May 07, 2015
The Iowa Senate recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of legislation establishing Iowa’s community colleges.

Your Capitol Voice: Stalemate takes legislature past planned end-of-session
by Bobby Kaufmann, State Representative · Opinions/Editorials · May 07, 2015
Session is “officially” over! Sadly, session is far from actually being over.

Letter: Education needs more R&D money
Opinions/Editorials · May 07, 2015
Looking for common ground for moving forward on the school funding issue.

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