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Monday, April 20, 2015
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Editorial: Kudos to boys basketball
Opinions/Editorials · April 16, 2015
West Branch High School’s boys basketball team finished strong in another year of tough competition in the River Valley Conference South division.

The White House Beat: How will you handle crowds here to see MOGH exhibit?
by Jerry Fleagle, Hoover Association · Opinions/Editorials · April 16, 2015
I’ve spent the bulk of my career in the grocery industry, as a store manager here in West Branch, as an owner, and as an executive in the Iowa Grocery Industry Association. So I’m going to borrow a phrase from my friends at Hy-Vee: “Are you a helpful smile?”

Letter: Can’t get a job, so sue? Throw that case out
Opinions/Editorials · April 16, 2015
In light of last week’s news accounts about the conservative woman suing the University of Iowa over not getting a job while at the same time of her bringing suit she was entering into a book contract to publish a public airing of the matter — and my having been in the dark from the start as to why this matter was allowed to go forth in the court in the first place.

Letter: Supporting ed? GOP only pays lip service to it
Opinions/Editorials · April 16, 2015
If you’ve seen the movie A Few Good Men you will recall Tom Cruise and Demi Moore trying to solve the mysterious death of a marine.

Editorial: Girls earn ‘outstanding season’
Opinions/Editorials · April 09, 2015
Sophomore Haley Mullinnix made a statement at West Branch High School’s girls basketball awards night that sums up the ever-striving attitude we admire in coaches and players: “I feel I need to improve. I don’t want to be just ‘honorable mention.’”

City Lights: Most burning inside city not allowed, but some exceptions
by Kevin Stoolman, Fire Chief · Opinions/Editorials · April 09, 2015
As we move into the spring, the City of West Branch Fire Department would like to remind residents that burning leaves is prohibited within the city limits.

Your Capitol Voice: School funding question in hands of 10-member group
by Bobby Kaufmann, State Representative · Opinions/Editorials · April 09, 2015
This week I want to give you an update on numerous issues that have come across my desk, but first and foremost I want to discuss the Education Conference Committee that is setting State Supplemental Aid.

Senate Update: 73% want strong anti-bully policies
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · April 09, 2015
Every Iowa student deserves a safe learning environment. A recent poll showed that Iowans strongly support anti-bullying measures, with 73 percent of Iowans in favor.

Editorial: Think of West Branch Christians
Opinions/Editorials · April 02, 2015
Ouch. Right before Holy Week and Easter, an issue arises to try to drive a wedge between Christians and non-Christians.

Park Perspectives: A lot to celebrate: Hoover site closing in on 50 years in August
by Pete Swisher, Hoover Park Superintendent · Opinions/Editorials · April 02, 2015
The park is celebrating 50 years since being formally authorized by President Lyndon Johnson in August 1965.

City Lights: Do you need a permit for that shed, or fence? Just give a call
by Paul Stagg, Zoning Administrator · Opinions/Editorials · April 02, 2015
With spring time and warmer weather fast approaching we will be entering into a new building season soon.

Your Capitol Voice: School start date, Uber and property rights bills come up
by Bobby Kaufmann, State Representative · Opinions/Editorials · April 02, 2015
Last week was a busy one, legislatively.
As we move towards the second-half of session, there are a number of changes coming.

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