Youth Hooverball sign up now online, event adds 3rd division
Sports · June 15, 2017

The Third Annual Youth Hooverball Tournament will be held on Friday, Aug. 4 at the Village Green from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., hosted by the Hoover Presidential Foundation.

Registration for the tournament opens June 15.

According to a press release from the Foundation, the event is free due to donations from sponsors, the West Branch Lions Club and Integrated Therapy Specialists.

The Foundation said it is pleased to announce two new features this year. The first big change is the addition of a third age division for this year’s contest. Fourth- and fifth-graders enter Division I, sixth- and seventh-graders enter Division II, and eighth- and ninth-graders now enter Division III.

The other new feature is the transition to complete online registration, which includes online waivers.

Brad Reiners, Communications Manager for the Foundation, said, “Online waivers are great because this means that between both the tournament and the training camp, parents only need to fill out one waiver.”

In addition to the tournament, a Youth Hooverball training camp will be offered to athletes in Divisions I and II. It will take place the evenings of July 26 and 27. The camp will teach young players the skills and strategies needed to succeed in Hooverball.

Teams consist of four or five players with four players on the court at a time. All divisions are co-ed. The first eight teams in each division to complete registration (including waivers) for at least four players will be guaranteed entry.

Hooverball Commissioner Shelby Clarton looks forward to the addition of a third age division because it allows space for eight more teams.

“Eight more teams means up to 40 more players,” she said. “This brings the total to 120 students that have an opportunity join in the fun this year. We’re really excited!”

As a result of the growth of this event, the Foundation is in need of volunteers. Anyone interested in assisting with this year’s Youth Hooverball Tournament on Aug. 4 is asked to call 319-643-5327 or email

“Youth Hooverball is a great opportunity to not only engage students in the rich history of West Branch, but also to encourage socialization and a healthy lifestyle,” reads the press release.

More information about the Third Annual Youth Hooverball Tournament can be found at

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