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News · January 04, 2018

Editor’s note: A few stories were inadvertently left out of the Dec. 21 section on Christmas and holiday writings. They are included here:

Stories from pupils in Jacqui Hart’s fifth-grade class and Lacey Becker’s second-grade class:

It seemed like a normal winter day until I looked outside and saw Santa’s sleigh.

It had some bells that shimmered as they gave a glorious ring.

I gasped in delight as I saw a red glowing light coming from Rudolf.

In the blink of an eye they were gone, leaving just one bell.

I wondered if I should tell anyone, and I decided there was one and only one person I could tell.

That person was Katey. I told her everything. She didn’t believe me. I even showed her the bell! I rang the bell but she couldn’t hear it.

The only way that she didn’t hear it is if she didn’t believe in Santa. I then remembered that tomorrow was Christmas, so if she got into the Christmas spirit, maybe we could spread the Christmas spirit together.


Kayla Garrett and Delaney Blindt

It seemed like a normal winter day until I looked outside and saw... ten feet of snow. I saw someone sledding. I saw people snowball fighting, building snowmen and snow angels. I drank hot chocolate.

I watched TV. It was a great day.

Ben Potter

and Gerald Stout

Holiday Story

It is Christmas Eve and I am picking out my Christmas pajamas. On Christmas morning I woke up and ran down the stairs. I go check our Christmas tree but nothing was there.

“Is it the wrong day?” I ask myself.

So I run upstairs and check the calendar. It says it is December 25. I swear this is the right day. I check outside and I see antlers in the sky. I check the sky but it is black.

“Did I wake up to early?” I think I got too excited and woke up too early. Then I ran back into my bed but I don’t sleep. When Santa comes, I peer around the corner and spy on him. I make noises that I don’t mean to make, so he comes to my bed. I pretend I am asleep, but he can tell I am not. He finishes putting presents back and I see a red flash. I think it is Rudolph. When I wake up, I go jump on my parents bed and dump water on their head. They finally wake up and I run downstairs with my sister. I see Santa left me a very special present. It is HUGE! I open it up and it is just a box with a note in it.

The note says, “I see you have seen me, but all of this will go away, when tomorrow comes, you will forget about all today.”

“Wake up Halia!” I hear my mom call. My sister Rheid is downstairs, waiting for me in a chair. I open the big box my sister is holding, and it is a puppy! I choose to name my dog Musha. He has a big bow on his head and tackles me. I guess this was all a dream. The End.

Rheid Borland

and Halia Gade

A Wonderful Christmas

It seemed like a normal winter day until we looked out of the window and saw Santa and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. So we went to get our snow gear on and also wake up our parents to see. They saw and they also put on their snow gear, and then we all went out to greet them. Then we invited them for chocolate, milk, and chocolate chip chocolate cookies for Santa and us. Then for Rudolph we gave him carrots and water. So we talked, then Santa went out to his sleigh and we couldn’t see because he told us to close our eyes and we did. Then when he was done and came back, he gave us our presents. So we opened them and we got Playdoh, a puppy, tools, and a tablet. Then our parents went inside to find something we didn’t know about. When they came back they had our presents from them. Olivia got a kitten and I got a puppy. Our mom got puppy. It’s a husky, it’s a girl, and it’s name is Bella. Our dad got a hammer, a screwdriver, and a wrench. Olivia’s kitten is a boy and it’s name is Oreo because it’s black and white. I got a puppy that is a Golden Retriever, a girl, and it’s name is Golden Rain. Rudolph was hungry, so we searched for food and we found 20 carrots for him, and he ate them all up. Our dad checked his clock and it was almost Christmas so they had to get in the sleigh. So they did and Santa said, “Merry Christmas,” and he left. Then we went back inside and went to sleep. Then, we woke up and it was Christmas. We saw that our puppy and kitten had a bow on their heads, and the tag on the bow said, “Merry Christmas, Santa. See you next Christmas Eve.”

Olivia Becker

and Riana Stewart

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